Grade 3

Amira has been participating in the Dream Center program for the past two years.

Her coach said that “she has grown tremendously in the area of her work ethic from when I first started coaching her last summer, to now. During the Academic Center, she is quick to get her homework done with a volunteer and move on to the next task she knows she needs to accomplish.”

Amira and her family have been committed to making sure that Amira’s attendance is great, not only at school but also during school year and summer Dream Center programming. By being committed to attending every program day, Amira has not regressed over the summer months, like many kids do.

By attending Dream Center summer program, she was able to actually improve her Math MAP score by 8 points from the end of 2nd grade to the beginning of 3rd grade. This put Amira at math proficiency level!

Her consistency and hard work ethic have also put her at reading proficiency.