Grade 3

When speaking to Landon’s coach and teacher about his biggest improvement this school year, they both said the same thing: his attitude and effort. His teacher, Mrs. Davis, said his biggest improvement was his attitude towards writing during his independent work every day. She also said how proud she was of him for meeting his Math MAP testing goal. Coach Blake said Landon really came out of his shell this year and gave a great effort when learning new things, such as reading, which did not come easy.

When looking at the data from the past two school years, it all aligns. Landon has moved from being at “high reading risk” in 2nd grade to “some reading risk” in 3rd grade. He has also improved his Reading MAP score from 161 at the beginning of 2nd grade to 193 in the winter of 3rd grade. This is only 3 points below where he needs to be to be considered at reading proficiency in the winter of 3rd grade. He has also made big improvements on his Math MAP test by going from a 179 at the beginning of 2nd grade to 198 during the winter of 3rd grade. This puts him at math proficiency for his grade level!

It is without a doubt that, with Landon continuing to work hard, he will meet his reading proficiency goal next year and continue to excel above the expectation in both reading and math!