Program Polices, Procedures, and General Information

Performing Arts


  • Instill values and influence character development.
  • Instill value of education and enhance academic achievement.
  • Develop individual and team fundamental skills.
  • Prepare for high school and college.
  • Provide fun experiences and memories.

Performing Arts


The Dubuque Dream Center believes in the promotion of more than just music and performances. We expect our Artist to view themselves at STUDENT Artist who display Character.

D.D.C. Music & Performing Arts seeks to instill and influence responsibility, respect, and representing Dream Center values for the team, organization, coaches, and families.

The D.D.C. also seeks to instill the value of education in each student to assist students in maximizing their individual academic potential.

We recognize that students will be at different levels and developmental stages; socially, academically, and in their Performing Arts skills. Therefore, we make an effort to place each student in an environment that creates a feeling of self-worth, self-confidence & achievement.



We understand that part of influencing character development and the value of education in students require utilizing strategies that provide extra Motivation.

The extra motivation we utilize is the participation, playing time, or performance opportunities we provide to students through performance competition or showcase opportunities through Performing Arts. We call these opportunities SPARKS, which assist in motiving students towards Academic Achievement and Character Development.

Emphasis is also placed on sportsmanship, teamwork and hard work with winning as a result not the focus.

PLAY Hard! // PLAY Smart! // PLAY Together! // HAVE Fun!

Sister Act Model

  • The Dubuque Dream Center Performing Arts program is tailored after the Sister Act Model. The Sister Act Model merges multiple and diverse Performing Arts skills of all students to form One Team. 
  • Singing, Rapping, Dancing, Acting. Ministering, testifying, telling stories, expression through the Arts and highlighting everyone’s unique talents. All as one team, performing through the Arts. 
  • Within the Sister Act Model, there will be opportunities for Individual Performances and Grouping of Skill Acts (such as Dance Team, Choir/Singers, Spoken Word/Hip Hop, etc.).

Student Artist Expectations

  • The first step towards student probability of having a quality experience at the Dubuque Dream Center and meeting D.D.C. Expectations is the Partnership between the Parents and Dream Center. The D.D.C. requires an Intake and Orientation with parents/guardians and student athlete to review program policies and expectations. 
  • Student Artists are expected to abide by school and D.D.C program values and meet character development expectations.
  • Student Artists are expected to meet D.D.C. & Individual Academic expectations.
  • Student Artists are expected to meet school and D.D.C. Attendance Expectations.
  • Students also, must be present in school in order to attend practice or performances. No school no practice or performances! Exceptions should be approved by coaches.
  • Any Artist suspended from school cannot participate in practices, performances, or activities. This includes encounters in community outside of school or with law enforcement or authorities.
  • Student Artists are expected to progress through STAGES of skill development through instruction and guidance from their coaches.
  • This will require focus in practice, hard work in practice, and displaying a respectful attitude to maximize Artist development instructions.


STAGES is an Artist Development System we utilize to evaluate Artist and teach them according to their stage of development and give them performance opportunities according to their stage of development.

  • Coaches will evaluate Artist through Individual assessments, practices and performances.
  • Within the framework of the team, students are grouped and developed with other students of similar ages & abilities, in order to ensure a productive experience.
  • Students will be evaluated at their grade level and STAGE of Development.

Developmental vs Advanced

  • All D.D.C. students will have equal opportunity for participation, training, and fun on our Dance Team and Choir.
  • However, students will be trained and assessed to determine their level of development. This System of Development is called STAGES.
  • Stages allow coaches to measure whether a student is at a Developmental or Advanced STAGE in their skill set for each activity.

Developmental Level

  • Students that are at Developmental Levels means student is still learning the basic skills and how to apply those skills consistently in a performance or competition.

Advanced Level

  • Students that are at Advanced Levels means the student has the ability to execute basic skills consistently in performance or competition.