Grade 3

Having just completed her second year in Dream Center programming, Raevynn has a lot to show for it!

Raevynn’s coach said, “It has been a joy to watch Raevynn’s weekly improvements right in front of my eyes. She is constantly growing in the area of reading. She gets more and more fluent each week I read with her and listen to her read. She never settles and is very determined to always do her best.”

Her academics and behavior have improved since being at the Dream Center. She was able to push herself from being at Reading Benchmark/ Grade Level, in 2nd grade, to being Above Reading Benchmark, in 3rd grade.

Her Math and Reading MAP Scores have also made improvements this year, putting her at proficiency level for both.

One of her biggest accomplishments this year has also been her improved behavior at school. Last year she had 10 office referrals and this year she had ZERO! We are so proud to have Raevynn as part of the Dream Center and all her hard work this year!